Rabbit Awareness Week

24 May 2018

Are you feeding your rabbit a muesli style diet?  Did you know that this can increase the risk of digestive problems, dental disease and flystrike, all of which are potentially life-threatening.

We’re here to help!!!  Book in for a free Rabbit MOT during the week of 4th June 2018 and we’ll give your rabbit a full health check, offer advice based on the answers to some lifestyle questions and if you’re one of the first 10 to book, receive a fantastic goody bag (includes food samples, literature, a toy, a grooming brush and money off vouchers)!!!

Goody Bag Picture

The Basics!

23 May 2018

Whether you’re still considering getting a pet or you’ve just recently got one, there are some basic preventative steps owners can take to avoid some illnesses.  Whether it’s controlling parasites such as fleas or worms or the benefits of vaccination, we have information for you that helps you make an informed and educated choice about your pet’s healthcare.

If you are in the middle of settling a new pet into a household where there are already other pets, we have some tips for you that might help with this.  It can be a stressful time for both human and pet so we’re here to help and advise when we can.

If you haven’t already, register your pet’s details here and call to book a complimentary consultation with one of a RVN’s for a flea and worm consultation, neutering consultation or weight management consultation  on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352.

Dog Vaccinations The What and the Why

Cat Vaccinagtions The What and the WhyRubix Bear

The Flea Lifecycle

Introducing a New Pet


Rabbits are the UK’s third most popular pet and the phenomena of “house rabbit” ownership is soaring.  Whether they live in the home or outside, the UK’s estimated 1.3 million pet rabbits have different healthcare needs at each life stage.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of your rabbit and to protect them from potentially fatal diseases such as fly strike, dental disease and digestive problems, we recommend that your rabbit visits the vet for an annual vaccination and regular health checks.

RAW Week (2nd to 10th June 2018) helps raise awareness of the healthcare needs of your rabbit.  This year’s focus is raising awareness of the benefits of a hay based diet and how to “Move Away from Muesli”!

We will be offering free Rabbit MOT consultations during this week.  The first 10 to book will each receive a fantastic goody bag with food samples, toys, information and money off vouchers.

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Another Bank Holiday is upon us.  Let’s hope this glorious weather stays with us for the long weekend but remember, our furry friends need to be kept cool!

Don’t forget to order any medication that your pet might need over the holiday period.  We do need 48 hours notice so give us a call if you need anything.  As always, over the long weekend there will be 24/7 emergency cover on 01772 639800.  The practice will be closed on Monday 28th May 2018 at Hillock Lane and Blackpool but we will be open as normal on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Have a restful and safe weekend!

Holiday Meds Reminder


18 May 2018

The finale of our homage to our RVN’s is a short film showing some of what these highly trained, professional nurses do here at Rowan.  #vetnurseawarenessmonth

Click here to visit our YouTube channel and spread the word about these fantastic professionals!

Team Photo

Amy Eddleston RVN

17 May 2018

Amy has only been qualified a few months but already she is looking to build on her training and looking to develop clinics for our clients as well as her own confidence and knowledge.  This is to continue with the great work our other RVN’s do by offering a wide variety of health care options for our pets to ensure that they get the very best!

Download Amy’s biog Biography – Amy Eddleston about her journey to becoming an RVN.

Amy Eddleston

Today we celebrate Sarah-Jayne for “Vet Nurse Awareness Month”.  Sarah-Jayne has been with Rowan since 2014 where she completed her training with us and qualified in 2016.  Click Biography – Sarah-Jayne Richards to find out more!

SJR November 2017

Continuing the theme for this week of celebrating our RVN’s for “Vet Nurse Awareness Month”, today we’re going to take a closer look at our Head Nurse, Hayley Winston.  Hayley joined Rowan in March 2012 and was then promoted to head nurse at the end of 2015.  She has contributed massively not only to Rowan as a whole but to her nursing team, the senior team and her own professional development.

Click Biography – Hayley Winston to download Hayley’s biography on how she came to be an RVN.

Hayley Winston_001

As promised, this week we will be taking a look at the contribution our RVN’s (Registered Veterinary Nurse) make to practices all over the UK but more specifically here at Rowan Vets, in celebration of Vet Nurse Awareness Month.

We start with a great little video from RCVS showing what RVN’s are able to do, so click on the link here.  Over the next few days we will introduce you to our own RVN’s, Hayley Winston, Sarah-Jayne Richards and Amy Eddleston.

Team Photo

There is a lot of information and awareness on how to keep our cats and dogs cool during the Summer months but we do tend to forget our little furries.  Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and hamsters can also be affected and are less able to relocate themselves to a cooler spot because of the way they are housed.

Download our information leaflet Looking After Small Animals in Hot Weather to get some ideas of how you can help to keep you small furry safe and cool this Summer.


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