How do we take a cat’s blood pressure?  We have a great short film on our YouTube channel showing how we do it HERE

By keeping your cat in their carrier if needed and allowing them time to adjust to their environment, cats rarely object to having their blood pressure Blood Pressure Machine_001taken.

If getting your cat to the vet is also a stressful experience, we have some great tips to help to reduce the stress involved.  Download our Top Ten Tips HERE

Blue Eyed TabbyAnother part of the body affected by high blood pressure is the brain and nervous system.  Bleeding into the brain can cause neurological signs such as odd behaviour, a wobbly or drunken gait, seizures, dementia and coma.

These signs are usually as a result of an undetected high blood pressure condition and at a point that they cannot be prevented or cured.  Because the signs of high blood pressure are so subtle, the only way to know for sure is to have your cat’s blood pressure checked regularly (at LEAST once a year).  We offer this as a complimentary service so get booked in and start monitoring your cat’s health in a proactive way.

Cats who are suffering from high blood pressure can show symptoms in their eyes.

Bleeding into the eyes and other retinal changes, such as swelling and detachment, can occur.  This will result in permanent dGreen eyed Silver Tabbyamage to your cat’s vision and may even lead to blindness.  During a full health check your cat’s eyes will be examined to look for signs of bleeding which could indicate high blood pressure.  That’s why it’s so important for your cat to have a full health check at least once a year.

We offer complimentary senior cat appointments with our head nurse, Hayley, who has a Diploma in Feline Nursing.  Blood pressure is just one of the monitoring observations provided as part of this complimentary offer as well as lots of advice and information about caring for your cat in their later years.

High blood pressure in cats over 7 years old is a common problem.  1 in 4 cats, 9 years old and above will have high blood pressure with no visible signs to the owner.

Cat blood pressure GIFThe only way to know for sure is to have their blood pressure checked.  Taking a blood pressure reading for a cat is very similar to when your doctor or nurse takes your blood pressure.  A small cuff will be placed around your cat’s leg or tail and depending on the type of machine used, the cuff will be inflated and deflated to determine the blood pressure reading.

It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t hurt and cats are usually very tolerant of the process.  As a cat friendly clinic we also have some tricks up our sleeve to help your cat remain as calm as possible during the process.

Take advantage of a complimentary blood pressure check for your cat if they are 7 years old or over – visit our YouTube channel for further details HERE.

A condition that owners don’t know that their cat can suffer from is high blood pressure.   It is known as “the silent killer” because the early stages of the disease are not detectable by owners.   The effects of high blood pressure in cats is very similar to that of humans;  eye damage, brain and nervous system damage and heart damage.  The only way to know if your cat is affected is by having their blood pressure taken.Blood Pressure Machine_001

“How?”, we hear you say!  Well it is possible and most cats tolerate it well and we’ll show you how we do it later in the month.  The most important thing we want to share with cat owners is how vital it is to have your cat receive a full health check, including taking their blood pressure, at least once a year so the problem can be detected and treatment given if needed, to help your cat and to avoid some serious health consequences.  We offer complimentary blood pressure checks so if you have concerns or your cat is 7 years or older, get in touch.

Download our information leaflet on the condition HERE and if you have any concerns, book in for your complimentary consultation

Firework Season.

30 Aug 2019

fireworks_001It may seem early in the year to be thinking of this issue, but many pets struggle with the firework season because of the unpredictable noises.  A desensitisation programme can take a long time to complete as each pet is different and will need to work through a programme at their own pace to ensure the most effect and positive result.  There are lots of other steps owners can take to provide some respite in your home that will help them to cope.

Download our information leaflets and if you’d like any advice or guidance and advice on products that might help, call and book in for a complimentary consultation.


Top Ten Tips to prepare your pet for the firework season – HERE

Helping your cat during the firework season – HERE

Helping your dog during the firework season – HERE

Helping your rabbit and/or guinea pig during the firework season – HERE


Cat Tree

29 Aug 2019

As part of our Cat Friendly Clinic status, we’re pleased to share that we now have a “cat tree” at our Hillock Lane practice.
Cat’s tend to feel very stressed when they are outside of their normal environment so we like to do what we can to reduce the stress they feel when visiting us.
One small thing we can do is provide places for owners to place their cat boxes off the ground. Cats feel safer when they are up high,Cat Tree particularly when they are in a strange environment with strange people, smells and dogs. Even if you cat lives with other dogs in their own home, they can find it very stressful being surrounded by dogs they don’t know, a little like humans feeling more comfortable in the company of those they know rather than strangers.
The idea of the cat tree is to provide owners with a place to put their travel box other than the floor. There is also a space to store blankets so owners can pop one over the carrier which provides even more security for your cat.
For further information on what a cat friendly clinic means, visit the ICC website

Pet obesity is a big problem in the UK.  It can have a massive affect on the overall health of your pet by putting extra strain on the cardiovascular system, joints and respiratory system.  It can be the cause of or exacerbate conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and heart failure.

It can be really easy to lavish your pet with food to show how much you love them, and quite quickly they can put on unnecessary pounds.  For example a 60g cube of cheese containing 242 calories equates to a human consuming two, chocolate covered ring donuts.  That’s 23% of their average required energy requirement for a day.  Also, as pets get older they become less active and so require less calories and so can more easily put on weight.

If you think your pet could do with losing some weight and you need some advice and support on introducing a programme, why not take advantage of a complimentary weight clinic consultation with Amy, one of our RVN’s, and make that change today!  Amy has had some great success with owners who have come to her for support in managing their pet’s weight.

We also know that our owners like to treat their pets and it’s not always easy finding a product that supports a weight loss programme.  We have recently introduced a selection of new treats, one of which is a reduced fat product, to help owners feel able to treat their pet whilst keeping in mind their pet’s calorie intake or other health concerns.  As a special introductory offer, all treats are £4.99  with the following selection available:Dog Treat Stand

Soft Baked:  perfect for adult dogs needing an occasional treat without compromising the effectiveness of a prescription diet.  These are also great for all healthy, adult and mature dogs.

Hypoallergenic:  these treats are well-accepted by the most sensitive dogs.  They are made with carefully selected ingredients for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

Health Mobility:  these treats have been formulated to help promote healthy mobility so are ideal for those pets who may suffer from joint issues, such as arthritis.

Dental Care Chews:  these treats have a firm texture and special shape to help support dental hygiene.


For more information on your pet’s weight and how you can help you can find out more HERE in our Pet Weight leaflet.

August Bank Holiday

19 Aug 2019

TelephoneWith the Bank Holiday coming up, make sure you have your pet’s medication to cover the long weekend.  We will be closed on Monday 26th August 2019 but as always, emergency cover is available on the usual number; 01772 639800.Holiday Meds Reminder

Summer Poisons

13 Aug 2019

LilliesOur pets spend much more time outside in the good weather and may, in many instances, be unsupervised.  There can be many hazards that your pet can come into contact with so it’s always a good idea to know what can cause a risk and what symptoms to look out for and seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.

You can get more information on poisons by visiting The Veterinary Poisons website HERE  and you can download a useful leaflet HERE for information on the types of products and environmental hazards that might cause your pet harm.

If you are at all concerned that your pet has ingested something it shouldn’t have please do call 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 to seek further advice.