Transport your cat to the vet!

This is always a tricky issue for owners of our feline friends.  Cats can become very stressed when they are removed or are outside of their usual environment.  Here are some tips to help address this issue:

  1. Baskets should be sturdy and escape proof. Top opening versions are ideal.
  2. If you are transporting more than one cat, bring them in in separate carriers to avoid defence aggression under stress. If the cats get on very well at home put the carriers together.
  3. The cat should regard the basket as part of the furniture. It can be incorporated as a bed with the lid off.  This is to creat a positive association between the cat and the carrier.
  4. The carrier should smell familiar to the cat. Items of the owners clothing or some of the cats bedding can be put inside.  In addition, Feliway can be used 30 minutes before putting the cat in the basket.
  5. Cats need to be able to hide so cover the carrier while travelling, particularly if you have a wire carrier (which offers a wider opening making it easier to put your cat in and take your cat out).
  6. Ensure the carrier is secure in the foot well of the car or with a seatbelt, and is on a level surface.
  7. Talk reassuringly to the cat on the journey and avoid loud music.
  8. Spare bedding is advisable in case of accidents.
  9. On arrival at the vets, it is beneficial to use the cat only waiting area.
  10. Towels can be provided from reception to put over your cat basket and placing your cat basket on a chair may be beneficial. Hiding or being up high are coping mechanisms for some cats in an unfamiliar environment to help reduce stress.

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