Did you know that unlike humans, regurgitation or vomiting can be a normal part of your cat or dog’s digestive function!

You’ve probably seen your pet being sick from time to time and there might be a few reasons for that.

There is a difference between regurgitation and vomiting.  Your pet might regurgitate their food  which might look like vomit, but it usually happens when they have eaten too quickly so the food comes up as quickly as it went down.  They may even eat it again before you’ve had chance to get to it before them!!!

Cat open mouthRegurgitation doesn’t normally make your pet feel unwell.  However, frequent regurgitation can indicate a more serious issue.

There are some other signs you can look out for that might suggest your pet is unwell.  These are a bloated stomach, blood in their vomit or if they are vomiting unproductively (appearing to vomit without any stomach contents being produced).

Some more subtle signs are lethargy, not drinking or not being able to keep liquid down.  Just like vulnerable humans; babies and the elderly, puppies, kittens and older pets may deteriorate more quickly as a result of a short period of vomiting so it’s always worth seeking advice.