15 Jan 2019

Worming your pet regularly not only looks after the health of your pet, but those of your family too.  We all hear the horror stories of what worms can do to us but they can have a devastating effect on our pets, particularly puppies and kittens.Flea 2

These parasites, like all parasites, use their host to feed and reproduce.   They lay their eggs inside the host which are then shed through the faeces so they can continue their lifecycle.

Download our leaflet HERE for more information, including the signs to look out for.   There’s a great resource HERE where you can assess how often you should be worming your pet, based on your lifestyle and circumstances.  Check it out and if you have any questions or need information on the products available, book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our RVNs.

Be in with a chance to win either full years supply of worming OR flea treatment in our Facebook competition (see post dated 2nd January 2019 on our page) or take advantage of our special offer of 25% off parasite products until 31st March 2019 (please ask staff for further details).


7 Jan 2019

An increasingly common parasite that we need to be aware of as owners of cats and dogs, are ticks.  Tick numbers are increTick Remover 1asing every year and are spreading throughout the UK.  You wouldn’t usually know your pet has a tick until it has attached, fed and swelled to a pea sized lump.

As you might be aware, ticks carry Lime disease which is a disease that can affect humans, sometimes with lifelong effects.

The best way to manage this parasite is to treat your pet with an effective tick treatment.  There are options available so talk to the staff and if you’re confident that you can remove them yourself, why not make the job even easier and get yourself a tick removing hook.

If you have any questions about parasites or treatment options, book in for your complimentary consultation with one of our RVN’s.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to find out more about ticks HERE and how to remove them HERE


4 Jan 2019

491370_dog-smJust saying or hearing the word can make a person itch and feel generally uncomfortable.  There is a lot of myth and misinformation about these critters and we wanted to give you the facts.  We also want to encourage our owners to get into good preventative health care routines for the start of 2019 so having all the facts available means you can make an informed choice.

Take a look at our short film HERE on the lifecycle of a flea and download our factsheet HERE on everything you need to know about fleas and how they affect your pet, you and your family.

If you do have further questions, why not book in for a complimentary parasite consultation with one of our knowledgeable RVNs and while your here, why not take advantage of our special offer on flea and worm products?  Ask the team for further information.


2 Jan 2019

To kick start the year and in support of #newyearresolutions and getting into good preventative health routines, we’re excited to launch a competition during the month of January.  There are two prizes up for grabs; a full years worming treatment and a full years flea treatment for your cat or dog.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is “LIKE” our Facebook post and comment either “FLEA” or “WORM”.

As always, there are some rules so please read these carefully before you enter.  By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to these rules.  If you don’t agree with the rules, please do not submit an entry.

  1. A valid entry is deemed to be a “LIKE” AND A COMMENT before the deadline of 7pm on 31st January 2019 on this original post.  All are Worm_001required in order for your entry to be valid.
  2. Entries can be submitted via our Facebook page from now until 7pm on 31st January 2019.  Any entry after this time will not be valid and will not be included in the draw.
  3. Entries must be submitted on the original post (2nd January 2019).
  4. All valid entries will be entered into a draw which will take place on Monday 4th February 2019.
  5. If you and your pet are not registered with our practice, you will be required to register  these details before any treatment can be prescribed.
  6. We may require your pet to undergo a full health and weight check prior to prescribing the prize.  This check is complimentary and is to ensure that we are fulfilling our legal and ethical obligations to protect the health of your pet.
  7. You will be required to come into the practice for each treatment for a complimentary weight check.
  8. The prize will consist of a maximum of 4 treatments in total.

Running alongside this, we are also continuing with the 3 for 1 on flea and worm treatment.  Please ask staff for further information on your next visit.

Good luck!!!

Christmas and New Year can be an unsettling time for your pet.  With perhaps more visitors to the house, a slightly different routine, noisy toys and the dreaded firework displays, they might just wonder what has happened to their world!Happy Christmas

Take a look at our Top Ten Tips HERE to help provide your pet with some much needed respite.  You can also watch a short film HERE on our YouTube channel.  If you do have a concerns about how your pet might cope, speak to the team and book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our RVN’s and they will be happy to advise.

Holiday Closures

11 Dec 2018

With the holiday period looming, the practice will be closed on the following dates:Holiday Meds Reminder

  1. Tuesday 25th December 2018
  2. Wednesday 26th December 2018
  3. Tuesday 1st January 2019.


As always, there is 24/7 emergency cover.  Just call 01772 639800 and you will be put in contact with a vet.

If you require medication for your pet for the holiday period, please place your orders at least 48 hours beforehand.


7 Dec 2018

We went to visit Carly and Abi at Willow’s Hydrotherpay Centre back in November to see what happens there and how the facilities and services that are available help our furry patients with various conditions.IMG_E5293

Take a look at our short film HERE to see what happens.  If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health or feel hydrotherapy or other complimentary therapies might help, please get in contact.

From Monday 10th December to Saturday 22nd December 2018, we will be running a daily prize draw for any client who comes into the practice, both here at Hillock lane and at Blackpool. All you have to do is provide your name and a contact telephone number (this information is only used to identify the winner and contact them to advise them of their win).
There are some great prizes to be had, culminating in a prize draw for any entries NOT drawn in the daily competition, takingHamper place on Monday 24th December. This prize is a hamper full of Christmas goodies.
As always, there are rules:
1. Entries can be submitted from Monday 10th December to Saturday 22nd December.
2. Entries will be drawn on the morning of the following day of entry (i.e. entries on Monday 10th December will be drawn on the morning of Tuesday 11th December) with winners being notified via the contact number they provide on the entry form as soon as possible thereafter.
3. Entries which are generated from a Saturday morning visit will be amalgamated with Friday entries and drawn on the Monday after (i.e client visits the practice on Friday 14th or Saturday 15th December. Entries will be combined and drawn on Monday 17th December 2018).
4. Any flea or worm treatment prize MAY require your pet to undergo a full health check prior to dispensing. This check is complimentary and is to ensure that we are fulfilling our legal and ethical obligations to protect the health of your pet.
5. All entries that DO NOT win a prize in the daily draw, will be entered into a final prize draw to win a luxury Christmas hamper which will be drawn at 10am on the morning of 24th December 2018.
6. Entry information must be clear and legible.
7. Only one entry per client, per day.
Prizes include money off vouchers, pet toy, candle, worm product, flea product.
The prize up for grabs each day will be displayed in the reception area.

Pet Safe Christmas

3 Dec 2018

Christmas KittenThe festive season is almost upon us.  A time for relaxation, family gatherings , food, drink and general merriment.  We don’t want anything to spoil this important time for the humans or our furry friends, so keeping our pets safe over the Christmas and New Year period is something to consider.

Download information HERE on some common Christmas poisons and if you suspect your pet may have ingested a poison, you can contact the Veterinary Poisons Line on 01202 509 000 or visit the website at  https://vpisglobal.com/2016/08/23/vpis-public-helpline/

Time to Say Goodbye

27 Nov 2018



Part of owning a pet is the inevitability of their passing.  This is the part of ownership that can be the most difficult for owners to discuss and address; “When is the right time?”  “How will I know?” ” I don’t want to make that decision!”

This is a topic that our staff deal with every day and we’re here to help.  We provide support and information to help owners with the decision but we also have a great leaflet which we hope helps owners prepare for this very difficult time and can be downloaded HERE

There are also some great support providers out there that owners can access such as: