Winter Pet Safety

5 Nov 2018

Winter is fast approaching and we’ll be using anti-freeze products more frequently around our home which contain ethylene glycol.  Ethylene glycol, which is an odourless, colourless, sweet tasting liquid, is highly toxic to both cats and dogs and can be fatal. Antifreeze

Symptoms of ingestion include incoordination, thirst and panting and are the same for both cats and dogs.  The onset of symptoms is generally much quicker in cats due to their smaller size.  It is also much more likely that an owner would notice a dog ingest antifreeze or notice more quickly that they are unwell than a cat, as cats tend to spend more time unsupervised.

Download our leaflet HERE for further information and if you believe that your pet has ingested any product containing  ethylene glycol,vpis-circular-logo-rgb1 it is imperative that medical treatment is sought as a matter of urgency.  You can also contact the poisons helpline on 01202 509000 or visit their website (there is a £30 fee for advice per case).