7 Jan 2019

An increasingly common parasite that we need to be aware of as owners of cats and dogs, are ticks.  Tick numbers are increTick Remover 1asing every year and are spreading throughout the UK.  You wouldn’t usually know your pet has a tick until it has attached, fed and swelled to a pea sized lump.

As you might be aware, ticks carry Lime disease which is a disease that can affect humans, sometimes with lifelong effects.

The best way to manage this parasite is to treat your pet with an effective tick treatment.  There are options available so talk to the staff and if you’re confident that you can remove them yourself, why not make the job even easier and get yourself a tick removing hook.

If you have any questions about parasites or treatment options, book in for your complimentary consultation with one of our RVN’s.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to find out more about ticks HERE and how to remove them HERE