15 Jan 2019

Worming your pet regularly not only looks after the health of your pet, but those of your family too.  We all hear the horror stories of what worms can do to us but they can have a devastating effect on our pets, particularly puppies and kittens.Flea 2

These parasites, like all parasites, use their host to feed and reproduce.   They lay their eggs inside the host which are then shed through the faeces so they can continue their lifecycle.

Download our leaflet HERE for more information, including the signs to look out for.   There’s a great resource HERE where you can assess how often you should be worming your pet, based on your lifestyle and circumstances.  Check it out and if you have any questions or need information on the products available, book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our RVNs.

Be in with a chance to win either full years supply of worming OR flea treatment in our Facebook competition (see post dated 2nd January 2019 on our page) or take advantage of our special offer of 25% off parasite products until 31st March 2019 (please ask staff for further details).