White cat on bedThis month we’re taking a look at the behaviour of cats; what they do and why.  Do you want to know why you cat does the things it does?  Would you like to learn more about how to care and provide for your cat’s specific needs?

We’ve found this great online  training course which is great for owners AND for those who are thinking of getting a cat.  You can work your way through the sections to learn more about our domestic cat’s common ancestry, the African Wildcat which is a species still found today, and how we look to this cat to understand more about the needs of our domestic pet cats.  Go the link below HERE for more information

If you do go ahead and follow the course, do let us know what you thought.  It would be great to know what you learned and if you changed any aspects of the care you gave to your cat as a result of this learning.  You can also download a guide which you can refer to as and when you need to HERE