Cats are usually fastidious about their toilet habits so it can be very worrying for owners to suddenly find urine or faeces in the corner of a room.  This could be a one-off accident if your cat is or has been unwell, has become trapped in a room or suddenly frightened.  However, if this problem persists it should be investigated for the health and welfare of your cat.

Punishment is not the answer and despite the unpleasant nature of this problem it is important to remember that this is NOT a dirty protest!  Your cat is not seeking revenge or making a point.  cat and litter traySomething has gone very wrong in their world and it’s your job to find out what that is and take steps to rectify it for them.

Once a cat has urinated or defecated in a particular spot however, it’s sensitive nose will encourage it to use the same place as a regular toilet so it’s important to break this habit as early as possible.  You can take steps to do this by washing the area with a 10% solution of biological or enzymatic washing powder and then rinse with cold water.  Avoid getting the area overly wet, particularly when cleaning a carpet.  Once the area is dry, spray lightly with surgical spirit and scrub gently and leave to evaporate (test a small area first if fabrics being treated are delicate).  To discourage your cat from toileting in the same area it might also be useful to use pieces of furniture to block access.

The reasons as to why your cat is soiling in the home are varied and could include:

  • dirty litter trays
  • not liking scented litter
  • using polythene litter liners
  • using the wrong type of litter
  • the position of the litter tray
  • using the wrong type of litter tray
  • illness
  • old age
  • fear or anxiety
  • loss or removal of a previously used toilet site
  • presence of strangers

As we said earlier, cats are very particular about their toilet habits so finding out the cause may take some time and patience from owners.  We’re here to offer advice and guidance and you can also find out more by visiting the ICC website HERE