A pet is for life!

28 Nov 2019

Christmas Present 2With Christmas well and truly on our doorstep, thoughts of gifts will be uppermost in our minds.  If you are thinking of purchasing a pet, please do think seriously about the commitment this will take, not only the initial cost of purchasing a pet but the long-term costs involved.

Christmas may not be the best time to purchase an animal.  It is still an issue that pets bought at Christmas and as Christmas gifts are more likely to end up being surrendered in the New Year.

Download our information leaflets on the potential costs involved HERE for cats, HERE for dogs and HERE for rabbits.  If you do feel you are able to offer a pet a life-long home, book in for a complimentary consultation for advice on which pet might be the best suited to your family and lifestyle.

If you are well situated to provide a life-long home to a pet, have you considered adopting?  Elderly pets can find it much more difficult than puppies or kittens to find a new, forever home.