9 Jan 2020

Regular flea prevention is as important as regular worm prevention #fleafacts.  We have a great short film on our YouTube channel HERE  which shows you the life-cycle of the flea and how the msd0254_social_media_post7regular application of a preventative product will ensure that your pet remains flea free at all times.

Many dogs and cats suffer from a flea infestation at some point in their lives.   It’s not just an issue in the warmer months because our homes are centrally heated so this provides the ideal living conditions for these critters.

Some pets can also be allergic to flea saliva which can cause additional issues for your pet, such as itchy skin, skin infection and fur loss.  These can be treated but present an additional cost to an owner so it makes sense to prevent the fleas in the first place.

Dogs and cats can also pick up fleas from outside the home or from other animals and even indoor cats could become affected from fleas brought in off your shoes.  It’s also important to treat your home too by regularly vacuuming and using a flea spray.  Fleas eggs can lurk under skirting boards, in carpets, under the sofa cushions and in pet bedding.

You can download our #fleafacts information sheet HERE  and if you think your pet is affected by this issue, why not take advantage of a complimentary consultation where you can ask questions and discuss the options available to ensure your pet isn’t affected by fleas.