Weight Management

13 Jan 2020

Cat Healthy Weight 1Some of you may have taken steps this year to lose some excess pounds.  Improving your diet, eating less and/or starting an exercise regime might all be a part of this plan, but #didyouknow that our pets can also be affected by excess weight?

Latest research shows that 65% of dogs and 39% of cats are overweight or obese.  The links between obesity and an increased incidence of other conditions such as joint disease, diabetes, urinary disease, skin disease and tumours, are well documented.   With the costs associated with managing and treating these additional conditions that may develop as a result of the excess weight, it makes sense to ensure that this aspect of your pet’s  healthcare is monitored regularly and kept in check.  There are also the hidden costs associated with obesity such as the reduced lifespan of your pet.

Many owners are just not aware that their pet is overweight or obese.  We have short film on our YouTube channel to show you how you can check if your pet is at a good weight, HERE for dogs and HERE for cats.

You can also download a body condition chart to see where your dog sits HERE and where your cat sits HERE.

If your pet is affected by a weight issue, book in for a complimentary consultation with Amy, one of our RVNs, to discuss a plan and get the support you need to help your pet.