As part of our preventative care services, we offer complimentary weight management consultations for our client’s pets.  Regularly weighing your pet is an important part of the routine care of Mishkayour pet particularly if your pet is overweight.

There are many patients who want to and need to lose weight, so don’t ever feel alone in your struggle.  We’d like to share one story with you over the next week or so, of one such patient who has made fantastic progress in losing weight, improving their overall health and energy levels as a results.

Mishka is an 11 year old Malamute who came to see us at the beginning of 2019 for her  annual vaccination booster.  All patients receive a full health check as part of this consultation which includes being weighed.  Mishka weighed 44.45kg and had a body condition score of 8/9 which sits within the obese category.  Her ideal weight should be in the region of 33kg.

Mishka was referred to Amy RVN, who has gone on to study diet and weight in pets since qualifying and now offers complimentary weight management consultations as part of our services.

Amy spent time with Mishka’s owner at the first appointment in February 2019, taking a full history of her feeding routine, her diet type, treats and exercise regime.  It is also important to know if patients have any on-going medical conditions which might affect or be the cause of weight issues.  Amy then took some base measurements of Mishka’s neck (56cm), chest (86.5cm) and waist (84cm).  It’s important to take these measurements to compare progress accurately and not only against actual weight loss, just like humans.

Once this information was gathered, Amy developed a plan that would be realistic for Mishka’s owner to implement.  Part of the process is also to determine an ideal body weight to aim for.

We know just how hard it is to change habits and routines so some of the initial steps in tackling a weight issue can be as simple as weighing your pet’s food.   For Mishka it was agreed that she would remain on her current food but that her meals would be weighed out; she was allowed 180g per meal, twice a day to start the weight loss process.  It was important that any changes made were small and introduced slowly to allow Mishka to adapt to the changes.

Stay tuned for our next entry in Mishka’s weight management story and see how she did on her new diet plan.

If your pet is affected by a weight issue, call and book in for a complimentary consultation.