Dog with FoodMishka’s next visit in March 2019, saw fantastic progress on her new diet plan.  She’d lost 700g despite no increase in exercise or a change in food type and this was down to Mishka’s owner consistently weighing her food.  She also changed her treats to carrots.

The next step was to change her food to a light version of her current diet and to again reduce the amount she would have at each meal.  This was to continue to gradually make changes to allow Mishka and her body to adapt.  Some dogs eat their food very quickly which can leave a dog still feeling hungry after their meal.  this was the case with Mishka so the introduction of a puzzle feeder was suggested to help slow down the intake of food.

Over the next couple of months Mishka continued to lose weight slowly.  By May the loss had slowed with a loss of another 300g, a total of 1kg since the plan was implemented.

This can happen as exercise increases because of  the build up of muscle.  Muscle is heavier than fat which is why it was important to take body measurements to accurately assess if the programme was heading in the right direction.  The plan now was to again reduce the amount of food over her two meals and to continue with the exercise levels.

Visit again next week for the final part of Mishka’s story.  If your pet is affected by this issue, call and book in for a complimentary consultation.   Weight clinics are offered free of charge at Hillock Lane with Amy (RVN) and Helen (RVN) in Blackpool

Photo by Samia Liamani on Unsplash