521882_spv229-p4t-smoking-posters-october-09-18-c-final-1_001Another common habit we humans are always trying to quit is smoking.  Everyone knows how smoking harms your health and those around you but #didyouknow that it can also harm your pets?

It’s been thought that some pets could be being exposed to as many as 3,285 cigarettes per year!

Research has shown that cats who live with smokers are about twice as likely to develop a malignant lymphoma and dogs that live with smokers are 60% more likely to develop lung cancer.

There are also the additional effect from the substances in the smoke that are released into the air that deposit themselves onto the coat of your pet.  This is then ingested by them when they groom themselves.  This doesn’t just affect cats and dogs; it can affect other small animals such as caged birds, house rabbits, hamsters or reptiles.

Lung cancer isn’t the only potential outcome but has also been known to cause nasal and oral cancers  as well as asthma and eye problems too, so if you’re looking for another incentive to quit, this might just be it!