Mishka was back with us in June for another weigh in with Amy.  She had lost another 1.3kg which was fantastic, 2.3kg in total.  Amy was able to start feeling Mishka’s ribs nicely and she was Mishka 2exercising well with good energy levels.

Mishka’s owner was worried that she seemed hungry despite the introduction of the puzzle feeder.  It was decided that a move to a metabolic diet might help as this type of diet can regulate appetite, enhance the feeling of fullness for longer and works naturally with a dog’s own unique energy levels, activating the body’s natural ability to burn excess body fat.

It should be noted that ANY change in diet should be done over a period of 7-10 days to prevent gastro-intestinal issues.

Over the next couple of months, Mishka continued to lose weight successfully.  She currently weighs 38.7kg so a total loss of 5.75kg over the year.  Her body measurements have also decreased; neck 49cm (loss of 7cm), chest 84cm (loss of 2.5cm) and waist 73cm (loss of 11cm).  Mishka is also starting to show signs of a visible waist and has a noticeable build-up of muscle on her hind legs.  Her owner has also reported that she has a LOT more energy and that she is not as stiff towards the end of her walks as she has been in the past.

This is all fantastic news and as you can see from the pictures, Mishka looks great!  Although she has a way to go, she has shifted half of what she needs to and is already seeing and feeling the benefits of being a lighter and healthier weight.

If this issue affects your pet and you’d like some help with reducing your pet’s weight, please do get in touch.  We hold weight clinics at both our Hillock Lane and Blackpool practices and Amy (RVN) and Helen (RVN) can work with you and your pet to start making small changes which will have a big impact on the health of your pet!