heart-on-nose-520827-sWith February being the month of love, we thought we’d take the opportunity to raise awareness of one of your pet’s most vital of organs, the heart!

As with humans, the heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body to transport nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells and to remove metabolic waste.  In short, it’s pretty important so when it’s not working properly it can cause problems anywhere in the body.

One of the key pieces of equipment used to help diagnose suspected conditions and disease of the heart, is our ultra-sound scanner; take a look HERE.  During this heart awareness campaign month we are pleased to be able to offer this service for less than half the usual price for any dogs who are found to have a heart murmur.  Please ask the team for further details.


One of the first signs of a potential problem with the heart is the detection of a heart murmur.  A murmur is more often than not picked up during a routine health check.  However, the presence of a murmur isn’t always an indication of a more serious condition or disease.  Identification early on can be managed conservatively or even just monitored.

This state of the art machine is not just a one trick pony though!  It can be used in pregnancy to identify how many pups or kittens might be due or to make sure that all have been birthed.  It can scan all internal organs, not just the heart, such as the liver, kidneys and spleen to check for masses or obstructions or to just generally aid the vet in getting a better idea of what might be going on inside your pet.  Both Francis and Lotti use this machine regularly as part of the diagnostic services we provide to our clients and their pets, and are well trained and skilled in its use.

We also work very closely and in collaboration with Hannah Stephenson, a specialist in veterinary cardiology, so our clients and their pets can access a specialist referral service here at Rowan when further diagnosis of suspected heart conditions or disease is required.

If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, call and speak to the reception team to book your appointment!