StethescopeA message we want to share with our clients is the importance of regular health checks as part of the routine care of your pet.  It’s during these checks that health issues are usually detected, heart disease being one.  It’s really important that issues are identified early so that steps can be taken to monitor or manage them before they become a serious health threat.  This means more quality time together but also a better quality of life for your pet.

A sign that there might be disease of the heart in your pet is the development of a heart murmur.  As part of a routine health check your vet will listen to your pet’s heart.  They want to measure how many times it beats a minute and also how it sounds.  The sound of the blood flowing through the chambers of the heart can sound different when something isn’t working properly.  If a heart murmur is detected the vet may recommend an ultra-sound scan to measure the size of the heart to find out more about what might be happening with your pets heart.

We have further information HERE about heart disease in cats and HERE about heart disease in dogs.  There’s also a great website for dog owners which can provide further information HERE

During this months heart awareness campaign, ultra-sound scans are being offered at less than half the usual price if a murmur is detected in your dog.  Ask the vet for further information and call to book your scan!