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Heart disease in cats tends to be well established before there are any signs that there is an issue.  This is mainly because cats are masters of hiding pain and ill health that might show them to be weak and easily preyed upon.  Most health related issues are usually picked up through a routine health check at the vets so it’s important that your cat has regular health checks.

The most common type of heart disease in cats is called ‘hypertrophic cardiomyopathy’ (HCM).  Physical changes, an increase in the thickness of the muscular wall, reduces the volume of blood within the heart as a result and prevents the heart muscle from relaxing properly between contractions.

Early detection is very important.  Any health issue that can be detected in the early stages has a much better chance of being managed conservatively, slowing down the progression of the disease.  This in turn increases the length of your pet’s life but also the quality of that life.

To find out more information about cats and heart disease, download our information leaflet HERE.  If you have any concerns about your cat’s health, book in for a consultation with one of our vets or if your cat is 7 years or over and you would like to take a more proactive approach to managing your cat’s health, why not take advantage of a complimentary Senior Cat Clinic!  You can access a full health and weight check, a complimentary urine sample test and a blood pressure check.  For more information download our information leaflet HERE