March is officially pet anxiety awareness month so we’re going to look at how our pets communicate with us and the kinds of behaviours you might observe when they are trying to tell us something.  Behaviour can change for a number of reasons; pain, illness, stress, fear to name a few. 

We are also raising awareness of knowing what is “normal” behaviour for your pet so if you observe some unusual behaviours you will know to seek advice and support.   We don’t talk “dog” or “cat” and our pets don’t talk “human”, but they DO communicate with us  through their body language.  We just need to learn how to understand it!

Take a look at these great pictures which show some of the ways in which a DOG is communicating with us and HERE for ways in which rabbits communicate with us.  For information on cat behaviour, visit the RSPCA website HERE

As part of this awareness month we are running a competition on our Facebook page for our dog owners.  To be in with a chance to win a FREE DOG BEHAVIOURAL CONSULTATION with Nicole, LIKE the post, POST a picture of your pet and COMMENT “I need help with my pet because ………..”. 

As always, there are some rules; the winner will need to be registered with us, complete a questionnaire before the consultation and be willing and able to undertake any of the recommendations offered.  They must also be available for follow up consultations which will be chargeable.   There may also be a recommendation for an external referral if appropriate, the charges of which will be unknown. We’d also like to share your journey with our social media friends and other pet owners.   This might include taking still and video footage of your pet and posting this along with extracts of notes from consultations and your own comments.  The information that will be shared will not identify you as the owner.