Puppy Socialization

5 Mar 2020

Ideally, working with your pet while they are young is the best way to ensure that they grow into well behaved and well adjusted adult pets.

Puppies have a golden period of malleability from around 3 weeks to 12/14 weeks of age. During this time, they are primed to form relationships easily with other animals and people,  and to learning that certain sights, sounds and experiences are not to be feared.  Over this same period, they also learn how to interact with others, using body language and vocalisation.

Puppies who are well socialized during this period (e.g. living in a family home, encountering a wide range of people, animals and situations) are more likely to develop into calm, confident, well behaved adults. In contrast, pups who do not get adequate socialization during this period (e.g. pups in intensive puppy-farm type environments) are likely to grow into adult dogs that are fearful of people and dogs, reacting badly to a range of sounds, objects and environments. In many cases, this fear leads to aggression, with serious consequences for humans around them, and ultimately negative outcomes for the dogs themselves. Choosing a well socialized puppy is key  to having a well behaved adult dog.

We offer puppy socialization classes here at Rowan where your puppy will get the opportunity to interact with other puppies.  We also help you start with the very basics of training to give you a foundation to work on to help your puppy to become calm, confident and well behaved.  Classes are available for clients only so why not get in contact, register with us and book your place.  A course of 4 sessions is £30 with classes held on a Thursday evening at our Hillock Lane practice.

Here’s a link to a great article published in the Telegraph which has information that you may find useful.