Rabbit Behaviour

17 Mar 2020

Happy Rabbit 1.jpg

How do you tell if your rabbit is happy and healthy?  Can they even feel these things?  In short, yes.  Your rabbit can experience a range of emotions including happiness, anxiety, fearfulness and anger.  They don’t express them in the same way we do but it’s really important that we recognise how they express these feelings so that we know when to take action.

Body language is the way to identify how your rabbit is feeling.  Spending time observing and getting to know what is normal for your rabbit is very important so that if their behaviour changes you will notice that something isn’t right.

When a rabbit is happy they tend to have their ears close together, facing slightly backwards and pointing outwards.  Their eyes may be partially closed whilst lying down with a relaxed body, legs tucked under their body.

Other signs include:

  • Lying down with front paws pointing forward and rear legs stuck out sideways.  Their body is relaxed and extended.
Happy Rabbit 3.jpg
  • Lying down with a fully extended relaxed body with their back legs stretched out behind their body and their front paws pointing forward.
Happy Rabbit 4.jpg
  • Jumping into the air with all four paws off the ground, twisting in mid-air before landing known as a “binky”

You can download information HERE on the behaviours to look out for so you can tell when your rabbit is happy, worried, angry or anxious. For information on general rabbit care, download information HERE or visit the rabbit welfare site HERE for more information on all aspects of rabbit care and behaviour.

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