Puppy Socialization

24 Mar 2020

Some of our clients are concerned about how to take care of and protect their new, un-vaccinated puppy in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and particularly how to socialize them with social distancing being advised.

Our advice is that you are able to allow your puppy into a secure garden but that they must be supervised at all times and unable to access animals outside of the garden. Eliminating contact with other animals whose vaccination history is not known, and not allowing your puppy to sniff or be in contact with areas where other dogs may have had access is the only way at this time to protect your pet. However, this is not a guarantee!

You are able to take your puppy on “carried walks” if they are small enough, and be able to expose them to many of the recommended experiences such as traffic, cyclists etc. Please do take into consideration the recommendation to social distance and remain 2 metres away from other people. Puppies can attract a lot of attention and people may be tempted to move in close for cuddles and kisses!

Download our information HERE of ideas of the experiences you can expose your puppy to but again, please bear in mind that some of the ideas may not be possible such as exposure to other people who do not live in your household.

We will provide further information on other health issues that are concerning owners and will update advice as the pandemic progresses.