Separation Anxiety

23 Jun 2020

For some pets, it’s been fantastic having their owners at home a lot more than normal, but now people are able to go back to work after a long period at home, it’s worth understanding that your pet, particularly dogs,  might need some time to adjust to this change.

Separation anxiety may not have affected your dog in the past but you might notice some changes in their behaviour once you go back to work. This might suggest your pet is suffering from separation anxiety.  These behaviours can range from urinating and/or defecating in the home whilst you are out where previously this hasn’t been an issue, persistent barking and howling when left or chewing and destroying household items such as door frames or window sills.

There are some behaviours that which suggest they are experiencing separation anxiety that are not so easy to spot because your pet displays them when you are not home.  These are pacing or moving around in a circular pattern or back and forth in straight lines as well as defecating and then eating the excrement.

do what can you do to help your pet through this change?  Download our leaflet HERE which explains more about separation anxiety and some steps you can take to help them transition to this new routine. 

Give the team a call to discuss your specific needs to receive ideas, advice and information on products that can help to ease their stress.