Cats and Pain

24 Sep 2020

Cats are masters of disguise.  They will hide pain from you because in the wild, showing weakness or vulnerability would put them at risk of attack and possible death!  It’s in their DNA!  However, there are signs that your cat is in pain if you know what to look for. Download our information sheet HERE which shows the body language your cat may display that might indicate that they are in pain.  If you want advice or think your cat might be in pain, call the team on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 and book in with a vet.

If your cat is 7 years old or over, why not take advantage of a Senior Cat Clinic.  These clinics are run by our head nurse, Hayley and are FREE.  Your cat will receive a full health check, a weight check, a complimentary urine test and a complimentary blood pressure check.  For further information click HERE