Rabbits & Pain

5 Oct 2020

Managing pain in rabbits can be tricky.  It’s really difficult for owners to know if their rabbit is feeling anything other than normal and ok so how do you tell if your rabbit needs to see a vet?

Rabbits in the wild are bottom of the food chain so it’s in their DNA not to show any signs of weakness.  If they do, they could end up as someone’s dinner!  This is the reason why it’s hard for us to know when they are in pain so owners need to watch very carefully for any unusual behaviour.

Photo by Melissa Keizer on Unsplash

The main sign to look out for is your rabbit’s appetite.  It is vitally important that your rabbit keeps a healthy gut so rabbits need to be constantly grazing and the reason why they must always have a constant supply of fresh hay!

Other signs to look out for are runny eyes as this could suggest a dental problem and a head tilt could indicate an ear infection.  One of the more common health issues is arthritis of the joints.  Your rabbit could show signs of stiffness after having laid still for a while or have difficulties walking.

If you have any concerns about your rabbit’s health, call and book an appointment with a vet on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352.