Dogs & Pain

7 Oct 2020

Dogs can’t talk to us so it can be difficult to know when they are in pain.  The reasons for pain could vary; an injury, a strain or a progressive aging problem.  Whatever the cause we can help owners identify the signs that your dog may show when they are in pain. 

Aside from any obvious limps or malformations, there are some signs you can look out for that may indicate your dog is in pain.  If your dog suddenly becomes more aggressive toward you or tries to avoid contact with you this could be a sign that they are in pain.  They may stop running to greet you at the door and perhaps sleep more than they have or show other mobility issues. 

Other signs, such as a loss or reduced appetite and a difference in the amount of water that they’re drinking are commons symptoms of pain.  If they are having difficulty in eating, particularly dried food, this could indicate dental pain.

Some dogs become more vocal, either yelping, growling or snarling with some even howling in an attempt to tell you that something is wrong.

Some dogs self sooth by excessively grooming and often licking where it hurts, even if the pain is internal.

It is very important that owners don’t try to treat their dog’s pain themselves.  Many human medications can be dangerous to dogs, potentially causing them more harm.  We can work with you to treat your pet’s pain in a safe way so if you have any concerns that your dog might be in pain, call and book your vet appointment on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352.