17 Nov 2020

Seborrhoea is a skin condition that can be the result of an underlying health condition such as Cushings.  Seborrhoea is where the cycle of skin shedding and replacement is not working correctly, very similar to Psoriasis, both of which humans can also suffer. 

The skin is red and is covered with a greasy-looking white or yellowish layer of scaly skin.  It usually affects the skin areas that are rich in sebaceous glands such as the back as can be seen in the picture.  There is also a distinctive odour associated with this condition which owners may notice.

Both cats and dogs can suffer from this skin condition and part of the process of treating the problem is identifying the underlying cause of the issue.  As you can see from the pictures, once the vet knows the cause of the condition and a treatment plan is developed, the results are quite remarkable!

If your pet is itchy or you think they may be suffering from a skin issue, call the practice on 01772 639800. The team will be happy to get you booked in.