Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

Indoors or outdoors, it’s very important that your cat can engage in their natural behaviours.  Cats with too little to do can develop behavioral problems which can include, strangely, lethargy!

It’s unsettling times for everyone and with the long-standing isolation and social distancing your cat may be showing signs of boredom.  The signs could be:

  • Increased aggression or lethargy
  • Pulling their fur
  • Spraying
  • Overeating
  • Being generally more destructive

You can help your cat overcome these destructive behaviours by helping them access ways to engage in their natural behaviours.

How can I help?

Cats are natural predators.  Cats LOVE to play with humans rather than on their own and prefer it to having to cuddle their human!  Click the link HERE to get ideas on how to play with your cat.

Why not make your cat work for their food!  By offering their food little and often and in different locations, you are encouraging your cat’s natural instinct to hunt.  Using dry food is a more hygienic way but in the right way, wet food can also work.

Cats LOVE to sit on a windowsill particularly when the sun is shining. It’s a nice warm space to watch the world go by!

Cats enjoy being up high so making spaces around the home where they can sit and watch down on you.  Something that isn’t perhaps as relevant at the moment, but in future, if you have a house full of people, providing hiding places for your cat makes them feel safe.  A cardboard box makes an ideal hideout.

Scratching posts dotted around the home and covered in various materials such as rope or cardboard, will encourage your cat to claw the posts rather than your furniture.  Make sure the posts are high enough for your cat to stretch out to full height.  You can encourage the use of the post by spraying it with catnip.

If you have any concerns about the health or behaviour of your cat, call the team today on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 or open a chat on PetsApp.