Recent research has suggested that passive smoking could be a health risk to our pets.  So why is this?  Our pets usually spend more time in the house than their owners.  They lounge on carpets and furniture covered in carcinogenic particles which can also settle on their fur.  Pets, particularly cats, can then ingest them as they groom themselves.

Evidence suggests that tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung and nasal cancers in dogs. It could possibly increase the risk of blood cancer lymphoma and mouth cancer.

The only sure way to protect them is to stop smoking around them and in the environment they live in. Good ventilation to avoid stagnating air is crucial. Regular vacuuming of soft furnishings will also help lessen the amount of potentially dangerous particles in the home.

Visit the PDSA website HERE for more information on the effects of smoking on your pet.

If you are thinking of giving up, why not get help to do that by visiting the NHS website HERE

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