As our pets get older certain bodily functions will deteriorate.  The eyesight is one of these functions and over time a pet’s sight deteriorates so much, they can become blind. 

Photo by Ángel López on Unsplash

In a lot of cases it may not be immediately obvious that your pet is losing their sight.  It can be a subtle deterioration and being told that a beloved pet is losing their sight or has gone blind can be a worrying time for owners.

How can I help my pet?

There are some simple things you can do as an owner to help a pet to cope with limited sight or complete blindness.  As with all things pet, routine is key.  It makes our pets feel safe and secure.  Keeping the layout of your home the same will allow your pet to become familiar with the location of chairs, tables and other furniture items.  However, if you need to make a change to the layout, you can help them by guiding them around the home several times to help them learn the new layout. 

A great way to orientate your pet is to leave a radio playing softly near to where they sleep.  This gives them a focal point and context to help them know where they are.

Keeping your pet’s food and water bowls in the same place is another way in which you can help them orientate themselves.  This is also important if you are using a litter tray to help avoid accidents.  Again if you need to move things around, help your pet by guiding them to their new location to help them adjust.

It’s also important to ensure that there are no hazards around the home. Furniture with sharps edges, trailing electrical wires or hot items such as wood burning stoves or fireplaces can all cause a problem for a blind or visually impaired pet.

There are additional considerations to be made when you take a blind dog for a walk.  Wearing a bell or rattle which jingles while you walk is a great tool to help your dog know where you are but it’s best to keep them on a lead, just in case.  You can read a heartwarming story of a blind dog HERE and if you are concerned about your pet’s sight or in your pet’s health in general, call the team on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 or open a chat on PetsApp.