Spring is in the air!  Like a new year, a new season can also be a trigger to start afresh. Whether you are having a good clear out, a deep clean or applying a fresh coat of paint, it’s safe to say that getting into new habits can be a part of that fresh start!

With this in mind, we thought we would help out our lovely pet owners with getting into some new habits that will benefit their pet.  One of these routine preventative steps is treating for fleas and worms.

We are MASSIVE believers in the mantra “prevention is better than cure”.  Would you take steps to avoid a pet health issue if you could?  If you needed any incentive, a financial one is always a strong contender!  It’s usually cheaper in the long run to take steps to prevent a health issue than it is to treat one.  Two of the easiest ways to do this right away is to treat for fleas and worms regularly. 

When should I treat?

Fleas are not just an issue in the Summer months.  Because of central heating, our homes are THE ideal environment for fleas to thrive.  Download our leaflet HERE for information on fleas and how these little critters can become a big problem in your home.

So, we wanted to help owners get into a new routine. We are offering many flea and worming products at a reduced price.  For a full year of treatment you will get 25% off.  Please call the team to find out more about the offer and which products are included. We can give advice on which product is best for your pet and we can also advise you on how often you should be treating your pet, based on your own specific family circumstances. 

Call the team today on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 or start a “chat” on PetsApp.