#didyouknow that six out of the top ten popular breeds in the UK are prone to allergic skin disease?  Here at Rowan we are seeing more and more pets who are suffering from the annoying and often uncomfortable symptoms of allergic skin.  With the ongoing risk of skin infections, it’s really important that owners seek help for their pet as soon as possible.

The skin is an important part of any pet’s anatomy.  The skin is the biggest organ of the body, making up 12% to 24% of the animal’s overall weight.  Your pet’s skin provides protection from infection, controls their temperature and gives your pet their sense of touch.  The skin is a complex organ and there’s a lot that can go wrong with it. 

The most common cause of allergic skin is flea allergies.  To be more specific it’s an allergy to the protein in the flea saliva that causes a reaction.  Owners should ensure that they have a regular and effective flea treatment regimen in place to minimize this risk.

Another common allergy is canine atopic dermatitis which in simple terms are allergies to environmental irritants such as pollen and house dust.

Disorders of the skin can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are very similar.  The most common signs that your pet may be suffering with an allergy are: 

  • An increase in grooming
  • Thin or balding patches
  • A dull or greasy coat
  • Persistent itching and scratching
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Redness and inflammation

Another common sign that your pet is allergic are recurring ear infections or other recurring issues with the ears.   You can read more about the signs of allergies HERE

As with everything in medicine, there’s a lot that can be done to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of an allergy.  Call the team today if you think your pet might be suffering from an allergy to access the help your pet needs.  You can reach us on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 or why not open a chat on PetsApp.

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Photo by Noemi Macavei-Katocz on Unsplash