This handsome boy is Hugo.  Hugo is a patient of Laura’s who came to see us back in October 2020.  His owner had noticed some redness and fur loss in his armpit and Hugo was licking and scratching a lot.  He was initially given a steroid treatment.  Steroid treatment can only to be used in the short term due to the side effects of the medicine.  Once the treatment was stopped, Hugo’s symptoms flared back up.

An itchy skin is annoying and uncomfortable for anyone, including our pets.  Constant scratching can also damage the protective layers of the skin making it more open to infection.

Hugo’s next option was a medication that stopped the itching.  However, again when the medication was stopped, Hugo’s itchy symptoms returned. 

A diet trial was recommended which looks to identify an allergy to food.  We’ll post more information about food trials later in the month.

Hugo was already on a urinary diet.  He was prone to kidney stones so choosing the right food was very important to protect his other organs as well as alleviating him from the discomfort of allergies.  This meant that regular monitoring of his urine and blood was important so Laura knew how the food was affecting him overall.  In the meantime, Hugo continued to take the anti-itch medication to control his symptoms until the food had time to take effect.  It was also recommended to use a special foam to use on Hugo’s body to control the levels of bacteria on the skin.

Hugo was a prime candidate for a new allergy therapy.  This is a medical treatment where very small amounts of the allergens a pet is allergic to, are injected just beneath the skin in increasing amounts.  The goal is to change the immune system’s response so that it becomes less sensitive or not sensitive at all to those allergens.  They should either decrease or disappear altogether and remove the need for other medication too.  It is a licensed medicine that is prescribed by a vet.  It is custom made, safe and can be used for long periods. 

Here’s Hugo having his monthly injection and check up with Laura.  Although Hugo isn’t a big fan of visiting the vet (we can’t win them all 😊), his human says that the treatment has been a real help with the uncomfortable symptoms of his allergies.

If you think your pet might have an allergy, call the team today on 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352 or open a chat on PetsApp.

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