Did you know that unwanted cat behaviours can be caused by having more than one cat in the home?  It’s a myth that cats get on.  They generally don’t and if you’re not seeing any obvious issues it’s likely that your cats are just tolerating each other.

Here’s a quick quiz to see if your cat is being friendly or wanting a fight!

You could already be experiencing unwanted behaviours from your cat as a result of tensions in the home.  Scratching the furniture or urinating indoors, outside of a litter tray, are all signs that your cat is stressed and it might be because they just don’t like their feline house mate!

Cat’s bond with their environment so there are ways in which owners can help improve their cat’s home life.  One of these ways is with the use of “happy pheromones”.  By using a plug-in, which emits these happy signals, it can improve how your cat feels.  It can make them less stressed and less likely to act out these unwanted behaviours.   It might even help your cats get along a little better!

We have a great special offer available to our clients on a new and improved pheromone diffuser product.  With every purchase of a diffuser starter kit you get a free refill worth £32.69!  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, click the link HERE

If you have any concerns about your cat’s behaviour or their health in general, contact the client care team on PetsApp or 01772 639800/01253 766352.

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