THE big myth about Canine Contagious Cough (CCC), more commonly known as Kennel Cough (KC) is that a dog can only catch it whilst in kennels.  This is just not true!

CCC is like any other upper respiratory infection in dogs.  It’s just like a human cold and is caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses and is highly contagious.  The reason it was originally called Kennel Cough was because it was so easily spread in dogs in shelters or kennels.  Dogs do not need to have been in kennels to get this infection.  Your dog can catch it from other dogs and from anywhere where other dogs have been. The best way to protect your dog is with vaccination. Download our information leaflet HERE for more information on how your dog can catch CCC.

You can now spread the cost of preventative health care here at Rowan Vets for your pet AND save 30% across the year by joining our Pet Health Club.  For a monthly subscription starting from as little as £14.44, you will get your pet’s vaccination, flea and worming prevention for the year, save 50% off the Canine Contagious Cough vaccine and 50% of microchipping! 

Signing up is easy!  You can sign up HERE or ask the team for more details when you’re next in for your cat or dog’s booster vaccination. 

If you have any concerns about your cat’s behaviour or their health in general, contact the client care team on PetsApp or 01772 639800/01253 766352.

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