Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Behaviour in cats as a result of stress, is often missed. It’s usually only noticed when it begins to affect us humans. For example, a stressed cat might over-groom. This might seem “normal” so might not be noticed or impact an owner directly.  However, if a cat begins to urinate in the home or tear up the furniture, owners notice! They don’t want this kind of behavior so look to seek help at this point.

Cat’s bond more closely with their environment so it’s really important to get the home environment right.  Anything that isn’t quite right will cause your cat stress which can result in these unwanted behaviours. Download our information leaflet HERE to find out more about what stresses a cat and what kind of behavior your cat might present as a result.

Pheromone products can help. We have a great special offer available to our clients on a new and improved pheromone diffuser product. It spreads “happy” messages around your home helping to de-stress your cat.  With every purchase of a this new diffuser starter kit you get a FREE refill worth £32.69!  If you would like to take advantage of this offer, click the link HERE

If you have any concerns about your cat’s behaviour or their health in general, contact the client care team on PetsApp or 01772 639800/01253 766352.

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