Many of you know that we are a “Cat Friendly” veterinary practice.  You can find out more about what this means HERE

We understand that some cats can find a visit to the vets very stressful and frightening.  This can also be a barrier for owners who are reluctant to bring them regularly because they get so stressed.  We have many, well established procedures and processes in place as part of the status that helps to reduce the stress of a visit for our feline patients and it works really well!

What perhaps owners might not know is that many dogs ALSO find a visit to the vets a very stressful and frightening experience.  The sad part is that it often goes unnoticed and that’s usually due to us humans not being the best at reading a dog’s body language. 

Thankfully, our skilled and knowledgeable team are pretty fluent in “dog” and can spot the subtle signs of stress and fear quite easily.  Hayley, has led the way for a “Fear Free” approach to dog health care. Although we are not currently subscribed to the scheme, we have already implemented MANY of the principles it advocates. This improves the visit experience for both cats AND dogs.  To find out more about Fear Free, visit the website HERE

The team are looking to work towards gaining the “Fear Free Veterinary Certification Programme FFVCP.”  To find out what we are aiming to achieve, watch this short YouTube footage of what this could mean for your pet HERE

Stay tuned over the next few days for more on #fearfree. Find out how you, as an owner, can contribute to the process of making a visit for your pet less frightening and stressful.

Contact the Client Care Team if you have any concerns about the health of your pet or their behaviour.  You can do this via PetsApp or by calling 01772 639800 OR 01253 766352.

Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash

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