Behaviour Referrals

14 Oct 2019

If you don’t feel confident in addressing noise phobia in your pet on your own, we do have access to behaviour referral advice service which can help identify any specific issues your pet might haveJoined Hands and develop a programme of help that can be delivered at home.

Part of the process is the completion of a comprehensive questionnaire which provides detailed information about your pet and its habits, responses, home environment and routine etc.  This helps to understand the individual needs of your pet which helps with building a programme and supporting owners through the process.

This process isn’t just for noise phobia.  it can also be for any concerning behavioural issues you might be experiencing with your pet, so if you need advice, guidance and support, get in touch.

Fireworks-poster_001It’s not just our indoor pets that can become scared by noises and particularly on a night where fireworks might be let off.  Our small furry pets need some consideration to.  You can download our information HERE which helps you recognise that your pet might be scared or stressed but also how you can help reduce this fear and stress.

Vacancy – Full time Veterinary Surgeon.

Friendly, passionate practice on the Fylde Coast looking for a new vet to join us to give us more time off to relax and enjoy.

Do you feel that GP practice is the right fit for you? Are you just starting off on your veterinary adventure? Or maybe you’ve mastered the basics and are just looking for the right practice to grow? Do you like clients and their pets? Do you enjoy seeing the routines and the regulars? Are you ready to be challenged to stretch and grow- both as a clinician and as a person? If so, then read on because we may have the perfect job for you…

Working with all our vets we have put together this advert to attract the right person to our team. Rowan Vets evolved from another practice about 15 years ago and since then has grown exponentially; with all the gizmos you would expect from a modern practice and two buildings which are modern, airy and great to work in.

We are a tight knit team who work to high clinical standards but we are not at all scary. We welcome new blood enthusiastically and are keen to learn from fresh ideas. We are now at a point where our directors Ruth and Drew need more time to focus on management stuff and so we need a new vet to help us manage the clinical work.

So, what can you expect from us? Well firstly we’ll give you great support and training. We work to a high standard and tailor each clinical plan to the individual patient; we think this is especially important when it comes to pain management.

We approach our work with enthusiasm and a passion to keep getting better at what we do so that our patients benefit. We review and update our practices, incidents and protocols and chat through these in a no blame way. We don’t want to be right, we want to get things right. We are developing a culture of accountability with regular and honest feedback, so we need someone who is willing and open to reflect on this. When our team makes mistakes we’ll acknowledge them, say sorry and fix it. Team harmony is the most important thing to us.

We are trying to create a great working environment where we care about each other as much as we care about pets and clients. We want humble team-mates that are willing to learn and grow. This doesn’t mean boring, our team are great fun and there is a strong social side to our Rowan team.

We’re constantly trying to improve our team’s lives and so recently we have moved our emergency out of hours work to a local practice. We still look after our inpatients, because we believe this gives them the best care. Our vets are all on the rota for this. We also cover the emergency clinic every Tuesday night and we’ll want you to do that about once a month. Don’t worry about that, we’ll give you all the back up you need and we’ll also give you the day off afterwards to recover.

You can expect a fair wage. We’re a small business but we want to pay our people fairly, so we have a package that includes salary, funded CPD (which we’ll tailor to you), discounted pet care and external counselling support, if needed.

Back to you! The main thing we want is someone who gets the Rowan culture and what we are trying to achieve. We’re looking for a vet with up to 2 years experience who loves people and pets. We want to embed an enthusiastic vet into our team and we are happy to help and support them through their early years. We need you to have confidence in your ability to grow and learn, but most importantly to fail and then get better. We’ll be there to support and cheer you on the way. We need someone that is optimistic, has charisma and who is good at building trust both with clients and their teammates. We want you to be willing to spend time with clients to help them decide what the right thing to do for their pet is.

We do have guidelines and expectations about how you work, but we’re not looking for someone who will work themselves into the ground. You should know how to look after yourself first and foremost, because we want a happy and healthy environment. If you break, no-one wins.
We want you to come into our team and bring new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. Don’t worry if you’re a new graduate, you have the most up to date ideas. We want you to work with us to advance our standards of care.

You’ll be able to manage your time and priorities so that you get your work done each day.

So in our practice, what’s ok:

• To feel good about you – we want this to be true in a big way
• To respect and like us – your Rowan family
• To like and respect clients and want to help them make the right decisions
• To want to make money – we are not ashamed about this, it’s important, just not the most important thing
• To ask for help – whether just qualified or just about to retire, we all need help so this is not only ok, it’s encouraged. It builds our trust in you
• To have a passion to learn and grow as a vet
• To be social with your colleagues, we’re a very sociable bunch
• To really care about what you do here
• To not be perfect – none of us are and that’s ok. We all fail but we all try to learn from these failures
• To be happy and enjoy your work
• To leave on time
• To enjoy your time off
• To have a lunch hour

What’s not ok:

• To care so much about the job that you don’t take care of yourself. We really care about you and don’t want you to break
• To decide that something is too hard for you to master (bitch spays take some working on!)
• To not fully engage with your team, we want you to share the ups and the downs of our work with us
• To stay late to finish your work, you need your time off
• To miss your lunch hour
• To stagnate and not be constantly learning

So if you’ve got to the bottom of this advert (well done) then let’s tell you about the role:

We need a fulltime vet to join our seven vet team. You will be consulting at our Kirkham and Blackpool surgeries, performing routine surgeries, x-rays, dentals and medical work ups.

You will look after our inpatients overnight about once a week and one weekend in six, but you’ll get the Monday off afterwards. You’ll do emergency work at our out of hours clinic approximately one night a month (with back up).

If after reading all this you might be interested then complete, in full, the application form Application Form along with your CV and a short cover letter to

Thanks for reading �


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Top Ten Tips!

8 Oct 2019

A big concern for owners at this time of year is the stress and anxiety both pets and owners experience when fireworks are let off.  It can be an unpredictable problem too, making it difficult to prepare for.  However, there are steps you can take to try to help your pet cope.  hiding dog 1

Download our Top Ten Tips Helping your pet during the Firework Season  for cats and dogs during the firework season and visit our YouTube channel which has a short film showing how to implement the tips HERE.

Stay posted throughout the month for information on how to help your outdoor pets at this time too, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, and also some great links to sound therapy tracks from The Dogs Trust.

Competition Time!

4 Oct 2019

IMG_5161_001Last month we touched on noise phobia in pets and ran a little competition to win a desensitisation CD training package.  This month we’re going to offer some hints and tips on how to help your pet cope with the upcoming fireworks but also noises they dislike in general.

Studies have shown that upto 49% of dogs show signs of sound related fear.  Because the number is so high, it might seem that it’s common and therefore “normal”.  However, this isn’t the case and owners need to address the causes.  As part of a campaign to help owners, we are running a little competition to win a Feliway OR Adaptil diffuser plug.

This is a pheromone product which you can plug into a socket in your home, very much like an aroma diffuser plug, which then releases pheromones which help to calm your pet.  If placed in the area where your pet feels safe, like their bed or den, the pheromones the product releases replicate those released by their mother when they are kittens or puppies.  This helps to reinforce to your pet the message that they are in a safe place.  Pheromone products should be used as part of an overall management programme.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win this great prize is like the post on Facebook (posted on 4th October) and share a picture of your pet relaxing in your home.

We’ll be looking at other ways in which you can develop a management programme in your home for your pet.  You can start by accessing a quick questionnaire which helps to identify how responsive your dog is to noise  HERE   and bring the results with you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your pet’s specific needs and the options available.


Firework Season

3 Oct 2019

We have some great offers this month to help our owners prepare for the firework season.  We also have a great free giveaway on our pheromone products; buy an Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for your dog and claim a free Adaptil Transport Spray worth £30.45 or buy a Feliway Classic Diffuser for your cat and receive a Feliway Classic 60ml Travel Spray worth £36.63 PLUS a cat carrier coveAdaptil & Feliway Diffuserr*.  Book in for a complimentary consultation for advice and guidance on how you can help your pet cope with the season.

We’re also running a Facebook competition to win either an Adaptil Diffuser or a Feliway Diffuser.  Keep posted for information on this being posted tomorrow!

To help take your pet through the firework and New Year period, buy 5 Adaptil or Feliway products (excludes the Feliway 20ml spray) and receive one free.  Please ask the reception staff for more information and for your loyalty card.

*You will be provided with a claim form which you must complete and return to Ceva Animal Health to claim your free product.

Is your cat 7 years old or over?  Have they had a health check in the last 12 months?  Older cats are more likely to develop kidney and thyroid disease as well as high blood pressure.  These diseases are diffSimiling Betty_001icult to notice so regular monitoring is important.  We offer complimentary consultations to help you monitor your cat’s health in a proactive way but some health warning signs are:

  • Drinking more than usual
  • Eating less than usual
  • Is stiff or having difficulty jumping or getting in and out of their litter tray
  • Has lost any weight
  • Has any lumps and/or bumps
  • Is toileting in the house
  • Is less sociable than normal
  • Is less active than normal
  • Seems disorientated or is unbalanced.

We’re quickly approaching firework season, a time of year which can be very stressful for pets and their owners.

Noise phobia, fireworks being one of the main ones, is a big problem for a lot of animals and it can be difficult for owners to help their pet cope.  However, with time and patience it is possible to reduce the stress they feel with a combination of approaches but some need more time than others to implement to help your pet adjust and copCeva Special Offer Carde.

There are some great desensitisation programmes available which owners can use with their own pet.  Every pet is different and will progress at their own rate.  The programmes are designed to be adapted and used at the rate your pet needs.  However they shouldn’t be  used around the period of fireworks.

There are also some great products available to help keep your pet calm as well as some steps you can take in the home to help reduce their fear and the stress they feel.  We’ll share more information in October and if you need some help with your pet, get in contact and book in for a complimentary consultation.

We currently have some special offers running alongside our awareness month next month so if you want some help and advice, book in for one of our complimentary consultations, receive a goody bag and get prepared!

#icatcare have a great website full of really useful information for cat owners.  Visit their page on high blood pressure (hypertension)  HERE

Cat birthday GIFIf your cat is 7 years old or over, book in for a complimentary blood pressure check and help monitor your cat’s health.

How do we take a cat’s blood pressure?  We have a great short film on our YouTube channel showing how we do it HERE

By keeping your cat in their carrier if needed and allowing them time to adjust to their environment, cats rarely object to having their blood pressure Blood Pressure Machine_001taken.

If getting your cat to the vet is also a stressful experience, we have some great tips to help to reduce the stress involved.  Download our Top Ten Tips HERE